Hidden Realities: Screening for Experiences of Violence amongst War-Affected South Sudanese Refugees in northern Uganda

Working Paper 25 - This paper explores whether a systematic approach to screening for experiences of violence (sexual, physical and psychological) is possible in a range of humanitarian settings (just arrived and longer-term, rural and urban) and, if so, what kinds of levels of disclosure are found, what are some of the factors influencing disclosure positively and negatively, and what might be the cost of addressing the most urgent needs.

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Promoting accountability for conflict-related sexual violence against men: A comparative legal analysis of international and domestic laws relating to IDP and refugee men in Uganda

Working Paper 24 This paper reflects an innovative collaboration between the Refugee Law Project and the International Human Rights Law Clinic, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. It addresses an issue of growing concern to gender activists, human rights and humanitarian actors,as well as governments, namely: what legal remedies are available to male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence? Are such remedies to be found within the domestic or the international sphere? Are they best addressed as human rights violations? Through war crimes tribunals? Or through a combination of transitional justice measures? Are the same remedies available to all victims, or are refugees treated differently from IDPs or citizens?

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Promoting Accountability for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence Against Men: A Comparative Legal Analysis of International And Domestic Laws Relating To IDP and Refugee Men In Uganda

Working Paper Number 24 - This paper addresses an issue of growing concern to gender activists, human rights and humanitarian actors, as well as governments, namely: what legal remedies are available to male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, particularly if their experience has forced them to migrate to a new country or become internally displaced? The paper demonstrates that while international criminal justice has begun to define sexual violence in a gender-inclusive manner, this legal potential has been seriously underutilized in nearly all cases to date. The paper thus serves as a wake-up call to those concerned with justice for survivors of sexual violence, and, using Uganda as a case study, lays the groundwork upon which to generate a legal reform agenda internationally.
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FROM ARID ZONES INTO THE DESERT: The Uganda National IDP Policy Implementation 2004-2012.

Working Paper 23 - This working paper compliments RLP's previous work on IDPs and forced migrants by examining the political, institutional and financial factors that may have impeded Uganda's IDP policy effective implementation since its adoption in 2004. Using a case study of conflict and non-conflict induced displacement in Mt Elgon sub-region and northern Uganda; the study as well explored the policy's relevance in comparison to other existing frameworks such as the PRDP in addressing a wide scope of issues related to internal displacement in the country.
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AMMBIGUOUS IMPACTS: Effects of the International Criminal Court Investigations in Northern Uganda

Working Paper 22 - This report analyses the role of the International Criminal Court's investigations on the conflict between the Lord's Resistance Army and the government of Uganda and uses relevant literature and field interviews to examine the impact of the Court on the Juba Peace Talks, conflict mitigation and deterrence, and future reconciliation efforts as northern Uganda continues on a path of post-conflict recovery.
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PARTIAL JUSTICE: Formal and Informal Justice Mechanisms in Post Conflict West Nile

Working Paper 21 - This report focuses on the relationship between different mechanisms of justice in West Nile's post conflict context, and people's perceptions of their relevance and accessibility at community level.
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"GIVING OUT THEIR DAUGHTERS FOR THEIR SURVIVAL”: Refugee Self-Reliance, 'Vulnerability', and the Paradox of Early Marriage

Working Paper 20 - This report examines the widespread occurrence of early marriage in Uganda's refugee settlements and how this phenomenon relates to the vulnerability and self reliance paradigms which underpin official protection and assistance.
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Working Paper 19  - This report presents a situation analysis of the condition of internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in Adjumani district, with findings showing that unlike other war-affected districts in northern Uganda, humanitarian assistance to those IDPs has been intermittent and commonly provided on a one-off basis.
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"THERE ARE NO REFUGEES IN THIS AREA": Self-Settled Refugees in Koboko

Working Paper 18 - This report focuses on self-settled refugees who were once living in camps, but are presently self-settled and living in Koboko. It examines the factors that have led many refugees to self-settle and the obstacles they face with regard to their livelihoods and physical security.
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