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By Onen David Ongwech, Programme Manager - Gender & Sexuality (Published 23rd May 2016)

Several decades have passed and scientists still continue to seek durable and workable solutions to HIV and AIDS. As the quest for the cure is still in limbo, several approaches have seen light of the day, including the famous ABC (Abstinence, Be Faithful, use Condoms) strategy.

The ABC approach continues to encounter resistance; Condom use is contested among some faith-based sects while Abstinence and Being Faithful are impractical for some people. In the search for alternative feasible and faith friendly options, advocacy for Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) became pertinent.

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By Onen David Ongwech, Programme Manager - Gender & Sexuality (Published 21st April 2016)

Sometimes people and cultures are more impacted by what is done than what is said. I personally find it hard to breathe when, for example, I see police officers walk passed people fighting, when a medical doctor drives past a tragic accident scene, when a community leader organizes a meeting that excludes women, when a child protection officer contributes to the marriage of a 15 year old girl, when a law enforcement officer is arrested for selling drugs, or when a person makes a U-turn upon reaching a cul-de-sac but tells no-one heading in the same direction. These are just a few examples of how some professionals in a range of spheres become complacent and even complicit when confronted with issues that should instead bring out the best in them. 

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Do you know about the National Memory & Peace Documentation Centre?

A collaborative initiative of the RLP and the Kitgum District Local Government. The NMPDC is located in Kitgum district town council - Northern Uganda an area ravaged by over two decades of armed conflict and is struggling to recover in the post-conflict era...
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