"THERE ARE NO REFUGEES IN THIS AREA": Self-Settled Refugees in Koboko

Working Paper 18 - This report focuses on self-settled refugees who were once living in camps, but are presently self-settled and living in Koboko. It examines the factors that have led many refugees to self-settle and the obstacles they face with regard to their livelihoods and physical security.
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PEACE FIRST, JUSTICE LATER: Traditional Justice in Northern Uganda

Working Paper 17 - This report seeks to engage in the debate on issues of post-conflict reconstruction and appropriate mechanisms of justice within northern Uganda.
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"A DROP IN THE OCEAN" : Assistance And Protection For Forced Migrants In Kampala

RLP Working Paper 16 -  This report examines the social, economic, and political situation of urban refugees in Kampala, Uganda based on the fact that in Uganda, refugees are expected to become self-reliant, and for those living in the refugee settlements initial assistance is given to help them achieve this objective.
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WHOSE JUSTICE? PERCEPTIONS OF UGANDA'S AMNESTY ACT 2000; The Potential for Conflict Resolution and Long-Term Reconciliation

Working Paper 15 - This report analyses the process of amnesty as characterised in Uganda's Amnesty Act 2000. It does so primarily from the perspective of those who have experienced the process first hand, either as combatants who have come out of the bush and received legal and social pardon for their actions, or as community members who have suffered, both directly and indirectly, from the brutal impact of civil conflicts.
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"WE ARE ALL STRANDED HERE TOGETHER”: The Local Settlement System, Freedom of Movement, And Livelihood Opportunities in Arua and Moyo Districts

Working Paper 14 - This report examines the Government of Uganda's local settlement policy which requires refugees to live in formal camps, and examines its implications for refugees' livelihoods and their enjoyment of their legal rights in Uganda.
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Working Paper 13 - This report, against the contextual backdrop of conflict and displacement in western Uganda and neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), highlights child protection issues in Ntoroko County, Bundibugyo District.
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NEGOTIATING PEACE: Resolution of Conflicts in Uganda's West Nile Region

Working Paper 12 - This report considers the issues that led to the creation and eventual dissolution of the four main groups of insurgents that operated in West Nile, Uganda; the Former Uganda National Army (FUNA), the first Uganda National Rescue Front (UNRF), the UNRF II, and the West Nile Bank Front (WNBF).
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BEHIND THE VIOLENCE: Causes, Consequences and the Search for Solutions to the War in Northern Uganda

Working Paper 11 - This report examines the structural causes that underpin the war in northern Uganda, its dynamics, the implications of the conflict spreading further east, and ideas for resolution.
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Working Paper 10 - This report presents a situation analysis of the condition of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees living in Bundibugyo district, western Uganda, and describes the response of the numerous actors involved.
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