Let’s save the Beyo tree

By Dieudonne Maganya (Published 8th June 2018)

On the 20th May 2018, I used the Atiak road as I headed to Lamwo district in northern Uganda to conduct interviews of candidates for a training that RLP was preparing. It was a Sunday like no other, mildly sunny with hints of the onset of a dry season ahead but still transitioning from a rainy one. As we turned off from the main Nimule road heading to Lamwo, about 30kms from the border between

Behind the scenes

By Darius King Kabafunzaki (Published 29th September 2017)

Many a time, we subconsciously come to conclusions about certain things that we do not actually know very well. For example as a young boy while growing up, I used to think to myself that driving a car was as easy as pushing my toy car all over the floor. My ultimate love at that time though was riding a motorbike and I still felt I could ride a motorbike just as easily as I thought I could drive a car. 

Killing two birds with one stone: Strategic use of media

By Darius King Kabafunzaki (Published 11th November 2016)

The Media for Social Change (M4SC) programme of the Refugee Law Project was recently mandated by the International Crimes Division (ICD) of the High Court of Uganda to document the proceedings of the pre-trial conference for Thomas Kwoyelo, a former Lord’s Resistance Army commander, that took place on 15th – 16th August 2016 at Gulu High Court. This followed a recommendation by the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), one of our major funders, having noted our growing reputation and record of using media for advocacy and awareness creation. 

Empowerment as a substitute to direct services model: Experiences from the basic video advocacy training for refugees

By Dieudonne Maganya (Published 29th August 2016)

Early 2014, the Refugee Law Project (RLP), School of Law Makerere University together with Institute for Development Studies (IDS) jointly delivered a weeklong training to a peer support group of male victims of conflict-related sexual violence. The training was on how to use film to advocate for self. The experience was thrilling and besides the empowerment and the skills, a short film was made out of that experience. The group used that short film, “The Bench”, as a launch-pad to more ambitious projects in audio-visual media.

Using video to change attitudes on sexual violence against men

By Darius King Kabafunzaki & Dieudonne Maganya

This article was originally posted on IDS blog

In May 2015, the Refugee Law Project of Makerere University, together with IDS, embarked on a project that sought to document and understand men’s collective action in response to sexual and gender based violence (SGBV). Unusually, it considered a case in which men’s action is focused on responding to the sexual violence they have themselves experienced, rather than as change agents in attitudes towards violence against women.

WITNESS Talks to Patrick Otim of the Refugee Law Project about Video Archiving

By Patrick Otim

This article was originally posted on the WITNESS blog

Archiving a large video collection can be a daunting task. However, organizing and preserving footage can help simplify both day-to-day and long-term media advocacy projects. We talked with Patrick Otim of the Refugee Law Project in Kampala, Uganda about his decision to embark on an archiving project.
WITNESS: Tell us about your video collection. What is its approximate scope and size?

Patrick Otim: The Refugee Law Project (RLP) is a human rights organization in Uganda that works on a number of issues including gender and sexuality, mental health and psychosocial wellbeing, access to justice, and conflict, transitional justice and governance.

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