The Fourth Institute for African Transitional Justice (IATJ) Report

The Fourth Institute for African Transitional Justice (IATJ) ReportEstablished in 2010, the IATJ is an annual event that brings together transitional justice experts from across the continent and beyond, to develop context-appropriate African Transitional Justice theory and practice. Using a combination of lectures, group exercises, reflective sessions, and structured debates, the 4th IATJ was held from 15-19 June 2014 in Kampala, Uganda, and addressed the theme of Global Transitions, Africa’s Resource Riches, and the Future of Transitional Justice.

At the 4th IATJ the Refugee Law Project (RLP) hosted 63 participants and panellists who travelled from 14 different countries to attend. Since RLP’s first IATJ in 2010, the event has dramatically grown in terms of both attendance and depth of discussion. RLP is especially proud that in 2014, sixteen line ministry representatives from the Government of Uganda were present at the IATJ, as opposed to only three in 2013. This report provides a succinct overview of the week’s proceedings and an introduction to just a few of the many memorable themes that surfaced in panellists’  presentations and subsequent discussions (See page 11 for a complete list of facilitators, panel discussions and paper titles). It does not aim to provide a comprehensive account of the event. The full report of the 4th IATJ, detailing each participant’s contributions, is forthcoming, and a complete transcript of the IATJ will accompany the publication. Download the full Report

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