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We have attempted to make legal references of relevance to forced migration and justice available. These may include laws, acts, policies, and drafts in the public domain, that all interested stakeholders should have easy access to, but unfortunately is not often the case. If there are certain legal documents of specific importance to displacement issues that are not easily available online that you believe should be placed on these pages, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make your suggestion. We cannot guarantee that we will host the legal text, but we will do our best to get hold of it or else point you to an alternate location online.


The Prohibition & Prevention of Torture Act, 2012 [PDF: 715KB] *RLP prepared a Factsheet summarizing the Act. RLP's Anti-Torture Act Factsheet [PDF: 915KB]

The Nairobi Code: Model Rules of Ethics in Refugee Cases, 2007 [PDF: 52 KB]

The Refugees Act, 2006[ PDF: 1.7MB ] *RLP prepared a critique to the Act. RLP's Refugees Act (2006) Critique [ PDF: 309KB ]

The National Policy on Internally Displaced Persons, 2004 [ PDF: 1.8MB ]

The Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control Act, 1999 [ PDF: 113KB ]

The Immigration Act, 1969[ PDF: 14.2MB ] * The Immigration Act was superceded by the The Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Conrol Act that was passed in 1999. It is stored here for academic reference.

OAU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa, 1969 [ PDF: 24KB ]

The Control of Alien Refugees Act, 1960[ PDF: 8.5MB ] *The Control of Alien Refugees Act was superceded by the Refugees Act that was passed on 23 March 2006. It is stored here for academic reference.

Convention and protocol relating to the status of refugees, 1951 [ PDF: 302KB ]

Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement [ PDF: 59KB ]

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