Organisational Reports

Annual Reports


2018 has been a year of major organizational growth for Refugee Law Project. Five new grant and funding relationships were established, bringing us to a total of thirteen running grants from twelve different donors.

From a media perspective, I would say that 2018 has also been the year that RLP staff became much more Twitter literate and began to use Twitter as a platform for publicizing our work. I feel that the responses that this generates are both good for RLP as an institution, but also for the staff who are catalyzing this interest.

Our initial focus on legal aid to forced migrants has since expanded to include a number of intersecting thematic areas. We are currently structured into five thematic programmes, namely Access to Justice, Mental Health & Psychosocial Wellbeing, Gender & Sexuality, Conflict-Transitional Justice-Governance, and Media for Social Change.

As you read through this Annual Report, you will see that 2016 was another busy year for Refugee Law Project. Programme work continued to develop apace. One of the big steps forward was the launch of the first “Introduction of Basic Video Advocacy” course. This was put together by our own video advo-cacy staff, it targeted refugees, and it generated high levesl of interest and productivity in the learners. Happily, as you will see from the report, this went hand-in-hand with a gradually strengthening social media presence as the relatively new thematic programme, Media for Social Change, worked on the challenging task of clarifying its role in a fast-changing technological and media environment.

Thematic Programme reports

Since 2014, these Powerpoint presentations have been structured around the thematic programmes, and are delivered during the Mid Year and End of Year Review meetings attended by all staff as well as invited partners and clients. Please note that there was no End-of-Year Review in 2016 as the entire University was closed following a Presidential Directive in early November 2016, and only re-opened in January 2017.

To view a presentation, simply click on it and it will download onto your computer from where you can double-click on it to open. These powerpoints cannot be edited.

End Of Year Review