The National Memory and Peace Documentation Centre (NMPDC)

The NMPDC is Uganda’s only “history clinic,” a museum–like war memorial, that helps people heal from the wounds of the past.  The Centre sets out to document, archive and share the history of Uganda’s past and recent conflicts and does so in multiple unique ways:

  • It is a memorial to the victims and survivors of Uganda's civil conflicts
  • It is a space for engaging the community around themes of peace, justice, cultural pride, history and remembrance
  • It is a research and educational facility that researches, documents, and presents the history of Uganda’s past and recent conflicts

With initial funding and support from the United States Agency for Development (USAID), the Northern Uganda Transitional Initiative (NUTI), and the Democratic Governance Facility, the NMPDC has become a centre that fully advocates for freedom of access to information as a tool to promote community engagement, facilitate dialogue, and support national reconciliation. The facility receives visitors from all over the world.

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  • Plot 7 Coronation Road, Old Kampala, Kamplala (Opp. Old Kampala Primary School)
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