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Sarah Nouwen
Was Research Associate - Sarah joined RLP from August until October 2008 to study Uganda's domestic responses to the International Criminal Court(ICC). She focused on the question whether, how and why Uganda has used its primary right to investigate and prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in order to end the ICC's intervention,pursuant to the Court’s complementarity principle. Upon leaving RLP,Sarah went to Sudan to do similar research concerning Darfur. She is now back in Cambridge (UK) to complete her PhD in international law and to take up a fellowship.
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Do you know about the National Memory & Peace Documentation Centre?

A collaborative initiative of the RLP and the Kitgum District Local Government. The NMPDC is located in Kitgum district town council - Northern Uganda an area ravaged by over two decades of armed conflict and is struggling to recover in the post-conflict era...
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20 September 2017
From Policy to Practice; Making Refugee-Host Relations a win-win
A regional conference on forced migration. The conference seeks to an...     See Details

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